The Virgo Horse Guitar Strap

The Virgo Horse Guitar Strap

99.00 250.00

This is a really beautiful strap that was a custom order that I had to remake. I was supposed to put a little heart where the star is on the forehead. 

This is a really nice strap that I am selling on super discount because... 

ONE: I need a horse-loving Virgo musician to come along (but if one does...ooooweee, it's your lucky day)

and TWO: because there is a small image of a a very simple shark fin and a wave lightly burnt into the underside of the strap (see photos) 

So...ideally a surfer or ocean lover or shark lover who also loves horses and is a Virgo will come along. If so, I have a lovely strap for you at quite a deal... 

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