Batten Down The Hatches!

Sailboat guitar strap 8.jpg

A gift custom made for a daughter to give to her talented Norwegian father who grew up on the island of Fedje. 

The strap in the making

The strap in the making

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I learned that before her father was born, his parents lived alone on a small deserted island outside of Fedje. Her grandfather was a lighthouse keeper at the Hellisøy lighthouse. They lived without electricity and no bridge to shore. When her father was born, they sailed off to Fedje, leaving the challenging island and the lighthouse that had been their livelihood...

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So many stories. So many different ways that we live our lives. I'm lucky I get to tell these tales a little bit and capture them in a piece of art to be told and told again to grandchildren to come and beyond: the tale of Grandpa and the Hellisøy lighthouse, never to be forgotten...