Un descanso...

es necesario entrar en el bosque y el río cuando se trabaja largas horas .

How did I do? 



I am in full-on discipline mode since I've come back from my second trip to Peru this month. I have custom orders to fulfill, an on-line store to beef up, and a new business venture with my talented shoemaker friend which is a venture that demands I learn Spanish pronto.

Inspired by my dear friend, Chef Gianfranco Chiarini in Poland, I have decided to see what it's like to detox, too. I must say I'm easing in, though. Yesterday started with a green juice breakfast followed by some mimosas with one of my besties and then bread, cheese, and all kinds of deliciousness at Schillings. So.... hey.... Solid start, solid start. 

Today, however, has been green juice and a salad and I'll make another juice later. Tomorrow I'll do it for reals. No chewing. Just-a drankin. I'm just kinda curious. Will my skin glow like the stars and my energy soar? I'll let you know...

Alas, back to the grind restored by the glorious great outdoors of beautiful New Hampshire.