Meet Cache. 7 yr old straight egyptian arabian...

After Sojourner died I told myself I would someday get a horse from a rescue. I felt like this would be a way to honor him. I met Cache a while ago at Live and Let Live Farm in Chichester, NH through my friend, Rick. Since meeting him I would have huge mood swings of feeling ready and then feeling very sad and just missing Soj.

One time I went to visit Cache alone. I stayed maybe 10 minutes and cried the entire hour and a half back home. I came to realize, though, that my need to hang on to only Soj was keeping my heart closed. A little less than 2 weeks ago we went to pick up this sweet Arabian. He doesn't know much of anything, but he was loved on and pet a lot when he was a baby so he's sweet and loves attention.

I've worked with him every day since he came and he is incredibly smart. He's longing in both directions beautifully, leg yielding (lateral cross with front legs) and disengaging his hind quarters. His rear end is tight and he's a little unsure about being messed with too much back there so I've been focusing on that a bit and he's relaxing into it. Cache and Star and I went for a walk to the lower field today and he was definitely alert, but pretty cool, all things considered.

Soj would love this little guy. They're similar in a lot of ways. I like that Cache is nearly black and Soj was mostly white. I think of it as balance...the yin and the yang. I'm only fostering him right now which is what I feel comfortable with at the moment. My goal for now is to get him great on the ground and then to a safe riding place. Soon...we dance.