Support. Where would we be without it?


Who listens to NPR? It's the best, right? But you know when they have to do their pledge drives and it's a little bit torturous, but you know they have to do it because it's the only way they can get enough funding?? I know I've gotten all Martha Stewart up on you guys already. But THIS. I BELIEVE in this so fully. So much. And I love the man behind it so fully. So much. And I have seen him work so hard to get this project up and running.

I have a lot of very dear friends and family who I'm connected with through this blog and facebook and we need your support to make this station that will be YOUR station a healthy, strong-signaled, music playin' rockstar station (right now it's wheels are a little squeaky and you miiiggghhhttt get bumped off while listening to one of their awesome live bands on-line).

NCCR will bring you music, stories, laughter, education, and support. It's your place to have a voice. It's not a place for selling or commercials or looped music. It's real and it's true and it's quality.


Is there anything else I can make that will sweeten the deal a little? I'm going to pull some all-nighters here soon and dedicate some nights to NCCR gifts. What would be a nice gift? Ask me for something and I'll make it. An ipad case? iphone case? A wallet? A bag, even? Give me some suggestions. Name a price. Help me make this work.

And please!! Donate below! $1, $3, $5. Any amount!

This station is on-line and therefore world-wide, but if you live in BATH, LITTLETON, BETHLEHEM, FRANCONIA, OR LISBON...this is truly going to be your station to announce your events, to have a radio station AT your events, broadcasting them!!! (Click on the little "K" on top left to donate).

Visit the website here (you can donate to the kickstarter via the NCCR's homepage as well):

And thank you so much, friends and family, who have already donated. We get a notification every time someone does and it's a wonderful feeling. It'll come back around to you. The station has amazing plans for its future. Hey! I might even DJ myself! And I'll talk with you about long horse rides, leather work, art, and music (and training a fiesty (okay, she's pretty mellow) wild Stang! Which is about to happen!!!)

There are 19 days left of fundraising. Hopefully after those 19 days are up, we'll be buying the necessary gear for the station and putting together all the gift packages. We will work hard for you. Please donate what you can.

Thank you!!!!