Leather Feather Wallet

I decided to photograph my old wallet. I never put this up on my site, but it's such a handy little wallet and has served me well over the last year. It's the perfect size. I think I'm going to make quite a few of these for the boutique in town. It holds my cash, cards, change, little papers, and my iphone really comfortably. It's a nice size (7" X 4"), but I can still fit it in my back pocket if I need to. It's cut from the edge of one of my eco-friendly premium leather hides to get the cool natural edge front flap. On the back I tooled a feather. Feather wallet

Leather Feather wallet

Leather Feather wallet

Leather Feather wallet

Leather Feather wallet

I'm plugging away at my projects today, but it's somewhat like pulling teeth...

Studio with Baloo-3

But how can one work when this little helper is looking at me like this to play? I don't believe I've introduced this little guy to you. Meet Baloo. I've had him for 2 and a half weeks. He is an 8 and a half week old Bernese Mountain Dog/Redbone mix and he's pure love.

Studio with Baloo-4

Here are Baloo's various sleeping positions today. He woke up when I took this first photo, but I had left the studio for a minute and came back and this is how the little guy was sleeping!

Studio with Baloo

And later he made his way to the floor....

Studio with Baloo-2


Must. Woooorrrrrkkkkk.