The Camino de Santiago

My mom and I met my sister in Madrid a few days ago. Madrid is such a wonderful city. Cait and I daydreamed about owning an apartment there one day. We stayed in a wonderful hotel called Praktik Metropol Hotel. It was hard to leave. Today we´re in Leon. It took a little over 4 hours to get here. We need to stop at an outdoor store, have breakfast, and then we´ll be off to Astorga where we´ll begin walking. We´re not sure how far we´ll walk today since we´ll be getting a late start. Tomorrow might begin the real walking, but we´ll see how we feel.

Spanish cuisine is not the best for a vegetarian so last night we were lucky enough to find the most perfect little Italian place. We sat outside in the plaza in front of The San Isodora. We sipped on wine and ate tomato and mozzerella, ravioli, and chocolate mousse and tiramisu for dessert with cafe con leche.

After dinner we visitied the church which was now lit up and glowing. We might go in again this morning after reading a little more about the history.

I didn´t sleep well last night. People stay up late on the weekend in Spain so maybe I fell asleep around 4 am. At least we slept until 9. Shirley McClain´s book, ¨The Camino¨kept me company while I tried to fall asleep. Goodness gracious has she got some ideas! I´m not judging...I appreciate her beliefs and theories....we all have them...but she seems to have always been a Geisha, a coffee skinned, long black haired, bare back riding beauty who cures a King´s impotence, or some other interesting character in all of her past lives...or alternate lives. She also has a stick she believes is male that helps get her out of sticky situations. She is a movie star in this life, though, so maybe she´s just on a roll!

Finally I put that book down and it might have to stay here because of the added weight.

We shall see what the Camino has in store for us! I´m not sure how much I´ll be able to write as we walk, but I´ll keep a journal and fill you in when I can. Off we go! Bueno Camino!