Early Morning


I slept terribly last night. Maybe because I'm a tad behind on leather orders, maybe because I had one of Caiti's songs stuck in my head that played on repeat over and over and over again. I don't know what it was. I guess I had a cup of coffee a little later than I usually do. Maybe that's what did it. When I did sleep I had terrible dreams. Walter and I were back in college in a dorm together and we were dating. But on that dream morning he had decided to leave me and most of my dream was spent in the bathroom trying to put make-up on and do my hair. These are two things I don't really do all that much in real life, but there I was trying my hardest to make myself look as good as I could so he would regret his decision when he came back.

Then I remembered the fact that he was in class with his computer and he probably went on facebook and maybe would have written something. This is also something that doesn't coincide with our real life. I typically use my facebook page as a work page and Walter never goes on it anymore. But...in dream world I was sure he would have put up some sort of status update for my benefit.

At this point facebook's relationship status thing had changed and you could edit it a little more than just the "In a relationship, It's complicated, single, married" stuff. His said, "So happy to see I'm single when I go to my page".

Then I started crying and crying because he had only just left an hour or so earlier and I thought maybe things would change. Then I woke up. Walter was there beside me, but I still felt sad and a little annoyed at him as if the real life Walter had something to do with my dream Walter. I wasn't really all that annoyed, but not in a snuggly mood.

So at 4:15 I got up and snuck around the house looking for a pen and paper. I ended up jotting some ideas down for my book about the ride on the back of some of my sister's old college paperwork. Then I went outside to see my buddy.

Soj was standing at full attention just as I had hoped he would be. Yesterday I went riding with my friend up the road and on the way back from her place we ran right into a young black bear. It was awesome. He was just on the other side of the fence in a little clearing that a lot of different animals like to hang out in. Soj lets me know they're out there by running around and then abruptly stopping with his head high. Lately the most magnificent, athletic deer have been back there. I know there are moose, too, because I see their hoof prints, but I've yet to see one.

I was quiet enough that even Soj didn't hear me as I crept into the field in my bright red bathrobe. Eventually he turned, not because he heard me, but out of boredom. Whatever he had seen must have shuffled back into the woods. He seemed pleased and surprised to see me out so early and came straight over.

As we walked quietly around the field he stayed so close to me that his body was almost always touching my side, his head very close to mine. When he stopped I would peer with him hoping to see something.

Finally this little guy walked by with a light, airy step. He saw me almost instantly and watched me for a long time. He let me take a few steps toward him, but unfortunately I only had the macro lens on the camera and couldn't get a really nice shot of him.

Everything is so beautiful in the morning. The birds were so loud! And there were so many of them! All kinds of different songs going off without even a second of silence. It sounded like the rain forest. In the very early morning the world belongs to the wild animals. They walk around peacefully and relaxed. The coyote (huge fox?) looked like he was out for his morning stroll with nothing particular to do. Maybe he was heading over for a cuppa with his neighbor. Just in case it wasn't for a cuppa, though, I didn't let the cats out when I went back in.

I didn't want to go back inside, but I was getting absolutely chomped on by little bugs. My whole body, including my face, was attacked by little no see ums. I went in and sat in the fireplace room until the itching subsided and then I went back to bed a little past 5:30am.

Walter said goodbye when he left for work at 7:30 with a very sincere "I love you". I had told him my dream when I crawled back into bed earlier.

Well...as I mentioned before, I'm behind on work and should probably get to it. More soon, though. I have studio pictures and lots of leather creations to show. July is going to be an easier month for me. I think June is a hectic month for a lot people...lots of moving, garden prepping, Spring cleaning, etc. etc.

See you here again soon...

Love, Linny