Gardens! Leather! Birds! Oh my!


Newport has been a wonderful winter getaway, but as the crowds start to filter in and the finicky neighbors have come back for the summer, I'm excited and happy to be heading back to New Hampshire in a couple of weeks. What excites me the most is my new studio space! It's right on the river in Littleton, NH.  Beside me is a massage therapist (uh oh and oh thank God), a sculptor, an oil painter, and an apron maker. So I will be stepping into a wonder world or creativity every morning. Below the studio is a fantastic antique store (again...uh oh and oh thank God) and Admac Salvage...packed full of estate furniture, ancient stained glass windows, tubs, knobs, hutches, and it goes on and on.

Walter and I went home for a quick visit a couple of weeks ago. My mom, sister, and I spent a weekend in New York City at an Omega Institute seminar, grabbed some NY pizza and bagels, and drove home together to Bath where Walter was awaiting us with a quiche and wine. He had headed home a little earlier to begin planting Christmas trees.

Cait only stayed a night and my mom was off to California a couple of days later, but Walter and I were able to spend another week there prepping the gardens and spending time with the Sojer. It was so wonderful to be with him.

Sophie and Clarence were a little scared of him at first, but as minutes went by I think they began to remember him and then curiosity took over. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera when Sophie gallantly marched over to him. It seemed that Sojourner enjoyed their company. I noticed he would take naps close to where they were watching him and they, too, would dose off in the warm sun near their giant old friend.

Last year, before the wedding, my mother had the culvert under the driveway replaced. This Spring we decided to plant lilies, phlox, grasses, and irises in hopes the plants would crawl in among the rocks and strengthen the bridge even more. We're back in Newport now and I have my fingers crossed that the plants are doing alright on their own. I've had my eye on the weather in Bath and it has been a lovely mix of rain and sun so I think they should be just fine.

After such long days all fell into a deep slumber...

sleeping kitten and Walter

kittens sleeping

While holding hands, of course...

kittens sleeping

After bringing Soj back to the neighbors and packing up the truck, we somewhat reluctantly (although excited for a few warm beach days) headed back to Newport.

back to Newport

To celebrate my beautiful mother we did something beautiful and walked around a bird sanctuary. Unfortunately I wasn't with her, but we were doing something I knew would make her happy...

flying bird

I loved the old farmhouse and the color of the door on the little garden shed. We also took a picture of the stone wall because I found an ancient stone wall under the ground at Danlin Hollow and liked the way this one was built. This summer my goal is to get some stone walls re-built!

stone wall

old farmhouse

garden shed

lily pads

These next two weeks are packed full of leather work and I hope the rest of the time is spent running on the beach, lying on the beach, and swimming in the ocean.

Here is a sneak preview of my latest cuff. This is made using an 18th century brooch with a cut blue glass center . Who knows what women have worn this piece and where it's been in the over 200 years it has existed. The tooled and painted sides imitate the swirls on the brooch and the leather has been distressed and antiqued to accompany its ancient centerpiece. This stately cuff boasts glamour, earthiness, age,  craftsmanship, and BLUE!

18th century cut glass estate leather cuff

18th century cut glass estate leather cuff

18th century cut glass estate leather cuff

18th century cut glass estate leather cuff

18th century cut glass estate leather cuff

Oh, and if you have a blender, throw this into it for summertime goodness. I mean GOOOODness:

1 cup vanilla yogurt

1/2 cup milk

1 banana

6-8 strawberries

(makes 2 servings)

You will be happy you did. (For the ladies who need yogurt, this is a great way to get it!)

Love, Linny