The Positano Bag


After months of designing and painting, I have finally completed this custom bag portraying the beauties of Positano, Italy: a town on the coast, bright blue/green waters, bougainvillea flowers, and last but certainly not least, LEMONS!

Using the popular design of water moving into flowers, the bougainvillea move into detail as they creep up over the town and around to the back of the bag.

The artwork on this bag is partly carved and partly burnt. Starting at the far right hand corner of the bag, the town works its way from a sketched look into a more impressionistic, watery image and down into more clarity.

The flowers move the same way starting at the far right bottom edge of the bag. These flowers are burnt in without paint and slowly the paint creeps into the flowers. They are in full detail and color on the back of the bag. The flowers on the strap move from full color to washy colors with burnt outlines, to very subtle, lightly "sketched" flowers.

Under the flap the words, ""Two things stand like stone, kindness in another's trouble, courage in your own."

-1866 Adam Lindsay Gordon

Painted and carved on the back of the bag are Positano's love, lemons.

The buckle on this bag is a one of a kind 1960's hammered brass buckle. This particular buckle is on longer available as it lives with this bag, but I do still have a variety of very cool vintage buckle to choose from.

This bag was hand cut from an exquisite premium latigo leather hide. It is made to last and hand down for years to come...