The Philosopher's Bag


We are finally starting to settle into our apartment in Newport. I definitely need to browse around the antique stores and thrift stores to find some treasures, though. The walls are a bit bare. An old mirror would do the trick. My plants didn't like the trip over one bit. We happened to drive up from Bath to Newport on the coldest day this winter and it chilled my plants to their core. For some of them, sadly, to their death. Although, I'm holding on to them with high hopes so right now the room I'm in has one, two, three, four, five scraggly, twiggy plants scattered around.

Three of them are not showing me any signs of life, but the other two are going to make it, I think. I would visit these plants every day back in the Bath house. I didn't think they would thrive the way they did inside, but they were even beginning to flower. Now look at them...

Something I learned...never put ivy in a window. I thought maybe a little sun would help them (I had the lower one in that little circle window you see in the background), but the leaves burnt. I think the ivy will bounce back, though.

Any hope for this one? Are there any green thumbs reading?

I actually just finished book 6 of Harry Potter last night. I started those books years ago and loved them (I was addicted to be truthful), but something diverted my attention for a while and somehow I was torn away and stopped reading. Well, I've decided to finish the series and oh how nice it is to be whisked away back to Hogwarts again!

Well anyway, now all I think about is magic. If only I could wave a wand and have flourishing plants again!

But...there is hope...

Sweet, sweet plants.

Alas, my latest piece...

The Philosopher's Bag:

This messenger bag/soft brief case is cut from the absolute finest latigo leather. Two canvas pockets are hand sewn into the inside of the bag, perfectly sized for an iPad. The entire bag measures 10 in by 12 in by 3 in.

The bag was created for a Doctor who wanted the upper and lower borders of the front picture lined with the biochemical process of the metabolism of tyrosine. Chuang Tzŭ and the butterfly sits under a large, burnt oak tree. He is also burnt into the leather and then highlighted with paint. Chuang Tzŭ (Zhuangzi) was an influential Chinese philosopher who lived around the 4th century BCE during the Warring States Period, a period corresponding to the philosophical summit of Chinese thought. (Information taken from Wikipedia:

Painted and carved onto the back of the bag is Khidr, also known as "the Green One". Khidr is a revered figure in Islam, whom the Qur'an describes as a righteous servant of God,[1] who possessed great wisdom or mystic knowledge, represented iconically by a fish. (Description taken from Wikipedia: )

Pewter "D" rings are on the sides of the bag so a strap can be attached if desired.

The dyed canvas top zips shut with a heavy duty silver zipper.

More to come soon. This is an extremely busy month. I'll be showing you English tack, martingales, bags, and lots of guitar straps...

Good thing Walter got me a cappuccino machine for Christmas!

Have a beautiful day and smile at yourself in the mirror!