SOPA co-sponsor, Senator Roy Blunt decides our picture is his for the taking...

Vice Magazine in London brought it to our attention that Senator Roy Blunt has been using a photograph my husband took on our cross-country horseback ride last year without permission. Maybe a bit of a faux pas for a man backing the SOPA act? I suppose it's possible that I don't know all the details of the act. It's possible that in fine print it reads, "No one can steal from the internet but Roy Blunt." It would only make the act a hair more ridiculous than it already is. If Vice Magazine had not contacted us we never would have known he was using our image. The worst part is Sojourner and I are in the photo! His tweets cover us once the page fully loads, but if your computer is slow to load, then there we are. I do not support this politician and cannot believe he would have the nerve to use not only our photo, but a photo I'm in for one of his sites.

After posting this news on facebook word got around fast and as of a few minutes ago Roy Blunt has changed the photo. I have yet to hear from him (I wrote to him a few days ago). Above is a shot my friend got of Roy Blunt's twitter page before he changed the photo.