A regular Wim Hof


There are two tv shows that I pretty much watch every week. I've never been a big television watcher, and we don't even have a tv, but we do have the internet and computers and so Parks and Recreation and The Office are regularly watched. There have been these Wim Hof Columbia jacket ads that come on for the commercial break and they're basically saying "you're not Wim Hof so you need this jacket". Now, that kind of advertising doesn't work for me. It brings out the fire! What do you mean I can't do that!? I don't need that coat! I don't want Wim Hof laughing at me as he sits naked in a pile of ice and I have a little electric $1,500 coat on!

So....the challenge was offered....

 And I got cold and Walter accepted.

Now that's not totally true. We both ran down to the stream and revved ourselves up for the challenge. I just let Walter do it first. In seconds his legs were going numb and I was going numb simply standing on the shore. I did, however, still step in. Or at least some toes did. 

It had been a beautiful morning and I was pleasantly surprised when I looked out the window after waking up and felt happy to see the snow. Last winter was so brutal that I forgot about its beauty and shivered in a corner in fear.

But this morning I jumped out of bed and went to visit the animals and stand in awe of the magnificent beauty nature had created in the night. It was a heavy, wet snow so the branches hung low making it look like a scene out of "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe".

The animals greeted me with great big hellos as they do every morning. Mostly because they want to be fed, but a bit, I think, because they just like to say "good morning".

The chickens stayed up in the coop later than usual. Maybe the massive branch that had fallen made them leery of venturing out, but once they heard my voice they mustered up some courage and made their way down the ramp...

And eventually out into the snow...

And so I ran inside and offered the challenge to Walter, "Wanna go swimming?! Let's go swimming!" I wanted to feel whatever my body would feel after getting out of that icy water. Hopefully the feeling wouldn't be shut down. But I had, after all, gone swimming in the SF bay with my mother and sister in November. This would only be a little colder....

I really thought he was going to go all the way in and I squealed a little with delight. He was up to his knees and just about to take the plunge, but the water was oh so cold and he though better of it. I was starting to get so cold just standing out in the snow in my birthday suit that I was starting to balk at the idea of now going into ice water.

So we warmed our feet for a minute....

And then ran inside for a nice hot cup of coffee. It was still invigorating.

Later we went back out and gathered up some kindling from a massive birch branch that had fallen. Walter made a stick sled and dragged it up the driveway to the wood pile. 

Oh my sweet...you are a force to be reckoned with.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!!