For the Chef


I was up late last night finishing this knife roll. Knife rolls are satisfying in the end the way refinishing a room is satisfying, but like refinishing a room, it's laborious work. I felt all of my muscles begin to clump together into one little ball as I hunched over this bag for hours upon hours until it seemed as if I would never stretch out again. I was turning into Smeagol...just moments away from battling with myself and chasing gold rings. Wait, do I do that anyway? Ah, so what? I always thought Smeagol was cool.

This bag reads "Passion and Courage". Anyone who has ever worked in the food industry knows that those are two things needed to carry you through. I had my fair share of food and beverage related jobs during and after college and I can tell you, it's hard work. Sometimes you have to muster up a little courage to walk back to that angry table and sometimes you have to muster up a little courage to walk into that angry kitchen!

Actually, I have some pretty fond memories from waiting tables and bar tending. I always developed strong friendships with the chef (mission number one when you're a new server....just kidding). I would enjoy watching them zip around their kitchen, flipping things easily around in the pan with just a flick of their wrist. And then I would be offered a taste...

I loved to watch them watch me with the same intensity as a dog's stare when you're about to throw a stick. Frozen. Breathless. Waiting. And then....(oh I have been in the presence of some marvelous chefs)...and then...pure bliss. I close my eyes, smile, and they start to nod, a smile beginning..."pretty good, huh?"

Oh chefs....thank you.

I'll bid this roll farewell as it makes its journey to meet its chef in Australia. Harbor his knives well, little roll, for this world would not be the same without chefs!


This 10 knife roll measures 17.5 inches across when open (not including the pocket) and 16 inches in height. The adjustable shoulder strap is 61" at its longest and 49" at it's shortest. It adjusts with a vintage buckle.

The shoulder strap is attached with swivel snaps so it can come off if desired. There is a handle on the top of the bag for easy carrying without a sling.

The pocket on the inside of the roll measures 5 inches in height and 16 inches wide. It closes with 3 brass snaps.

The entire roll is hand stitched and riveted. The inside leather is a supple, slightly textured leather (very cool, as you can see) and the outside is cut from a premium latigo hide.

This item, like all of my pieces, is 100% handmade.