Beautiful Birches


I'll have to post pictures soon of the boots I doctored up a bit as well. I wanted a pair of pixie boots that I could just slip on and off so I bought a pair off of Etsy and when they arrived I was pleased enough, but they were just a bit blah.

Luckily I had gone antiquing earlier that day with my lovely mamasita and sister and just so happened to pick up some gorgeous late 1800's shoe buckles made in France. Ooh la la! I'll show you soon....

This has been a busy week what with Thanksgiving and the fact that this has been the busiest leather month in my whole history of leathering leathers!

When Walter isn't perfecting Christmas trees or cutting hides, he works on his supermarket game. I couldn't believe it when I walked around the corner and saw him with his little game sheet and stickers. The local supermarket is doing a sort of Monopoly game the way Mc Donalds did a long time ago (I only know Mc-y D's happenings, but I don't eat there!! I'm just in on their biz is all). 

Those are the kinds of things you do on Thanksgiving Day, I suppose. When all of that food is digesting, the only sensible thing to do is sit down and play the supermarket monopoly game.


I will probably flood this blog with kitten pictures for a while for what better things are there to flood a blog with than one's kittens??

At least they enjoy laundry days....

And as for chicken news.... Our four lovely ladies laid 9 eggs in 2 days and popped this double yolked goose egg out as well. 

I hear things crashing and falling in the other room with little mini gallops and smashes following that I should go attend to. Kittens are cute, but they're destroyers. There is also a glorious brand new latigo hide laid out in front of me waiting to be cut.

I hope everyone reading had a lovely Thanksgiving. The Holidays are a mix of emotions for many of us, but there is always plenty to be thankful for.