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Japanese apron handmade from pure vegetable-tanned leather


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Where chefs come to shop

The chef’s roll is a statement and it carries the precious tools of our craft. I travel all around the world, opening restaurants, giving gala dinners and organizing workshops, and I can always rely on Linny’s products. They are easy to handle, resilient and an absolute eye catcher!
— Celebrity Chef. Gianfranco Chiarini

LK Design produces the most sought after and coolest knife rolls for chefs on the market. Crafted and thought out as carefully as a beautiful meal, each one-of-a-kind handmade knife roll takes about two days to make.

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"Linny made me a beautiful one piece leather strap exactly to my specifications, and somehow managed to adorn the narrow piece of leather with a delicate spray of cherry blossoms. I cannot imagine a more lovely thing."

— Gillian Welch

New Spring Styles...


Exquisite Leather 

Owner and Designer, Linny Kenney, chooses only the finest full-grain premium leather for her handmade products. The leather is vegetable-tanned making it far more gentle on the environment than the more commonly available chemically treated chrome-tan. Hides come to the studio in their natural state and every piece is individually hand-stained with eco-friendly dyes using a secret, handed down staining technique that makes LK pieces distinguishable from any other leather piece around... 

...At BBQ competitions these days, my LK knife roll gets more attention than I do!