Cool AF

Cool AF

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We laughed when this hide came in with the "AF" brand and cut it in such a way to get that AF visible on the front. Because if you're a chef, you're cool AF and if you're carrying this roll...

you're cool AF. 

Your knives will be wrapped up in vegetable-tanned full grain leather that has been hand-stained a stunning blue with eco-friendly dyes. 

  • all solid brass hardware (in nickel)

  • soft and rugged navy suede leather interior 

  • Hand stitched with waxed Irish waxed linen

  • adjustable shoulder strap

  • interior pocket

This chef roll carries 10 knives and has a 5" X 18" interior pocket on one end for extra odds 'n' ends. The roll measures 25.5" X 18" when fully opened. 

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