The Peru Tote in white

The Peru Tote in white


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Handmade from full-grain leather, this Peru Tote is completely one-of-a-kind and is a collaboration between Linny and women artisans in Peru.

This particular tote was made from milled leather so it is floppy and very soft. It’s fantastic for traveling because you can squish it into pretty much any bag and it’s very light-weight.

Linny travels to Peru once a winter to hand-pick these beautiful hand woven cintas for her totes. From Lima, Peru, she gets on another plane to travel to Cusco, Peru where she visits many different villages to pick the coolest and most well-made cintas. Each pure wool cinta has a story to tell and each one takes 2-3 days to make.

Peruvians care very much about their land and animals and you can see the animals all over the black and white cintas that wrap around this tote. All of the cintas are dyed with fibers from their local fields and forests, but these cintas aren’t even dyed. They are made from the wool of a black sheep and a white sheep.

This was not a common cinta so Linny only came back with one pair. As of now this is the only pair of black and white cintas that tell the story of the animals available. Hopefully she will find more on the next trip!

This is a nice big bag measuring about 13.5 (L) x 12 (H) x 6.5 (W)

Inside pocket with pen slot is about 8x6

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